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MY PURPOSE: finding of vacancy of the designer. Also freelance. (industrial, subject, graphic design, webdesign, interior  design, visualisation and 3D modelling).


• Industrial designer & Postgraduate-student at the All-Russia Research Institute of the technical aesthetics since february 2011

Open Company "AUTOGRAD", Vyksa the Nizhniy Novgorod region of 2010
• working out of appearance of a sport car

DWC the Design documentation in sphere of design of an interior, N.Novgorod 2009
• the regular designer

Open Company "RIC" the Vyksunsky worker ”, Vyksa the Nizhniy Novgorod region of 2009
• I develop a new logo of the newspaper (the newspaper already leaves with it) 2009
The Nizhniy Novgorod museum reserve, manor of merchants of Rukavishnikovyh, N.Novgorod 2008-2009
• the restorer

«Chaika Service» Automobile factory, N.Novgorod 2008-2009…
• working out of design the glass-fibre plastic cloth for motorcycle Kawasaki

Open Company «Universal design office», N.Novgorod 2007-2008                                
• working out of design of measuring devices for Cheboksary instrument-making factory,
• my variant of design street fixture is accepted in manufacture
Open Company "Art press", N.Novgorod 2006-2009      
• Visualization, modelling of interiors……
Open Company "АS Enginiring ", N.Novgorod 2006-2007…
• restyling of the truck of family KAMAZ (body working out, the forward panel)
Open Company "Artego", Vyksa the Nizhniy Novgorod region 2005-2009
• the outdoor advertising
• polygraphy
Open Company "Iris" advertising agency, Vyksa the Nizhniy Novgorod region 2005-2006…
• polygraphy
• interior design
• registration of technical catalogue ТМК (the Trumpet Metallurgical Company)
Open Company "Arthouse", N.Novgorod 2005-2006
• interior design
Open Company «BK Studio», N.Novgorod 2004-2005
• design of posters on railway subjects for a museum

• Windows, MS Office, Internet - the experienced user.
• knowledge of programs 3D Studio Max, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sony Vegas 7.0, Poser 7.0
• Solid Works – in the course of studying.
• Rhinoceros - in the course of studying.
• the Foreign language - English, an average level (the institute program).
The Nizhniy Novgorod University of Architecture and Civil Enginiring. The Institute of Architecture and Town-building  . Design chair. The graduate of 2009 the Red diploma in a speciality industrial design.
Member of the International Association «Design Union»…
The participant of the International forum of design and architecture «NEW CITY» in Tolyatti, 2007
Design festival «STRELKA 2007», N.Novgorod, 2 place in a nomination «Dressing and interior subjects»…  
The participant of competition «the Gold bloha 2006». Trade marks and emblems.
Practice June, 2006 of Open Society the KORA, Naberezhnye Chelny, working out of the forward panel of bus NEFAZ. Working out of firm stylistics of Open Society the КОRА.
Practice predegree - June 2008г. Open Society AUTOVAZ the Center of Style, Tolyatti.
The finalist of the International Student's Festival of Design of "STRELKA" on October, 1-10st, 2008 N.Novgorod.

2009-2010гг. Service in Armed forces of Russia (Tula, the Tula Artillery Engineering Institute. A battalion of Maintenance of Educational Process. A repair company. The commander of branch, the younger sergeant)

Spesialist in the field of graphic design, visualisation, three-dimensional modelling. Responsibly and attentively, qualitatively I approach to performance of any work, I lead up the begun business to end. I possess creativity, the creative thinking developed by art taste. I'm initiative. Knowledge of English language on an average level. I show organising abilities in work. I'm communicative.

Works in net…………